The AFS Genetics Section provides three ongoing awards each year, including the Stevan Phelps Memorial Award, the James E. Wright Graduate Award (applications due TBD for 2018), and the Genetics Section Early Career Award (nominations due TBD for 2018). See below for descriptions of these awards and application information. Please also see our Hall of Excellence page for instructions on nominating professionals who have made outstanding contributions to our field (nominations due April 15 of each year).

Stevan Phelps Memorial Award
The Stevan Phelps Memorial Award was created in 2000 as a perpetual memorial to Steve who died prematurely from cancer in 1999. The award, which honors Steve’s strong commitment to publication of applied genetic research in fisheries, will be given annually for the best genetics paper published in an AFS journal the preceding year. Selection is typically made by the Phelps Award Committee in mid-June of each year.

Awardees for 2017: Patrick W. DeHaan, Brice A. Adams, Paul D. Scheerer, and Brian L. Bangs were awarded for their paper, “Influence of Introduction History on Genetic Variation in Introduced Populations: A Case Study of Oregon Chub” in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management 36(6):1278-1291.

James E. Wright Graduate Award
The James E. Wright Graduate Award is given in the memory of Jim Wright, one of the founders of fish genetics research and education in North America. The work of Jim Wright and his students combined classical chromosome studies with allozyme inheritance and helped shape our understanding of the salmonid genome. The award is presented annually at the Genetics Section meeting during the AFS Annual Meeting to recognize excellence in graduate-level work in fisheries genetics and to assist graduate students with travel to the national meeting. For application instructions, click HERE.

Awardees for 2017:

Matthew Snyder, University of Toledo

Zachary Robinson, University of Montana

Genetics Section Early Career Award
The Genetics Section Early Career Award is given annually and recognizes the contribution of early-career researchers to the field of fisheries genetics. The goal of this award is to promote innovative and particularly applicable genetics research, increase interest in fisheries genetics careers, and enhance professional connections among fisheries geneticists. The candidate’s genetics work should be applicable to the Society’s mission to “improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science”. The award will be presented at the Genetics Section meeting during the AFS Annual Meeting. For nomination instructions, click HERE.

Awardee for 2017: Dr. Jean-Sébastien Moore

For past awardees, please click HERE.